Spring into Action

Spring into Action

Kathy Kaehler

Welcome to spring! We’ve invited Kathy Kaehler, celebrity fitness trainer and Hall of Famer, to share a couple “spring training” tips. May they motivate you to recharge, “bloom” or prepare for the upcoming swimsuit season.

As a fitness trainer and media spokesperson in the Los Angeles area for more than 20 years, I’ve been grateful to be in a position to help hundreds of thousands of health-conscious people, including Hollywood celebrities, be their physical best.

Fitness and food fads come and go and, yet, there is no gimmick or cheap shortcut to a healthy lifestyle.  You need to make healthy choices each and every day, which means investing a bit more time, money and energy to keep alive, alert and active.  Below are two tips that rise to the top of my list when it comes to adopting healthy habits:

Daily Muscle Mania
If you’re a fitness fanatic, swap your routine; alternate cardio with strength training and incorporate a new regimen to keep all your muscles and your mind nimble.   A well-designed strength training program will increase muscle mass and enhance your quality of life.  You can create variety by incorporating circuit training or super set training in addition to a traditional strength routine.
If working out is a drudgery, don’t make tough goals, just get moving!  Dance. Walk. Find stairs or a hill to climb. Do short bouts of cardio exercises a few times a day.  Know what motivates you—social, solo or competitive exercise?  Consciously break sedentary patterns—every day.

Quality over Quantity Protein
Animal protein is high quality protein, meaning it delivers all the amino acids your body needs, but not all animal protein is alike. Avoid processed foods and know where your meat comes from. I really don’t understand why all fitness- and ethically-conscious consumers aren’t looking to U.S. lamb as their ideal protein. When you choose to eat meat, whether for enjoyment or strength, endurance and recovery, Shepherd’s Pride lamb, with no antibiotics, no added hormones or artificial ingredients is source-verified for peace-of-mind and delicious satisfaction. A little goes a long way and it is lean, nutrient packed with 5 times more healthy omega 3 fatty acids than beef and it sustains U.S. natural resources, economies and sheep-raising families.

There is a big pay-off when you commit to small steps toward eating and exercising better.   First, no matter your age or whether you’re an athlete or patient, you recover faster. Also, you will have more energy, sleep better and perform better…physically and mentally.

Stay fit and sexy for life,