Summertime Pleasures

Summertime Pleasures

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Go gLAMBping!

Celebrate the great outdoors with Grilled Lamb Flatbread.

“Glamorous camping” has become aspirational. It means being able to satisfy your craving for the outdoors and your penchant for a great meal and a comfortable bed.

How can you possibly go “gLAMBping” without lamb? Extra-special American Cedar Springs and Shepherd’s Pride lamb are juicy and fresh as the open air.

Just a few aromatic fresh herbs and ingredients bring out its full flame-grilled flavor potential. This Grilled Lamb Flatbread is an easy, pleasing gLAMBping hero.

See What The Moore Family Is Cooking Up

Here at Mountain States, every product has a story and every rancher has a recipe. Like the family farms themselves, these recipes have been passed down by generations before them. Not only is Frank Moore’s Lamb Chop recipe a family favorite, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser, too. Enjoy! Click here for the recipe.

Flavor Packed Garlic-Mushroom Burgers: Veal Good!

Renowned artisan butcher and meat master, Lobel’s of New York, simply combines a few of the finest, freshest ingredients to bring out the best flavor in each with these extraordinary Garlic-Mushroom Veal Burgers.

Click here for the recipe.

Become a Grill Master with These Simple Tips

Grilling a great boneless or butterflied boneless leg of lamb starts with a great marinade. Marinades should contain enough acidity to help carry the flavors deep into the meat. For additional flavor, try a great rub.
Letting your grilled lamb sit 20 minutes before serving allows it to settle and retain all those delicious juices and flavors.

For more information on cooking times and grilling techniques, click here.