Our History and Legacy

Mountain States is the only national U.S. producer-owned and -operated, vertically integrated lamb and veal company. American lamb and veal is our heritage, our passion and our livelihood.  It’s what our hard-working producer families have done for decades–proudly delivering food that is safe, humanely raised and treated, and most-delicious and nutritious.

Steeped in Tradition

Blending age-old traditions with state-of-the-art technology,  our ranchers and producers are adhering to their historic roots of preserving the land and helping to promote sustainable agriculture for future generations, all while keeping in touch with the lifestyle demands of today’s consumers.

2001: Mountain States Co-Op is Born

Mountain States Lamb Cooperative is founded. This formation banded together 124 lamb producers, securing the family sheep ranching industry in America. Marketing sheep as a group helps build demand for American lamb while also combating the onslaught of imported lamb programs.

2003-2005: Becoming Mountain States

Mountain States Lamb Cooperative purchases 50% of B. Rosen and Sons, a full-service, family-owned lamb production, distribution and sales company established nearly 20 years prior. The new “Mountain States” expanded its scale and added a sales and marketing arm to the production model. The additional merger of Premier Veal and Mountain States added product diversification to an already-strong veal presence in the market, effectively forming the starting point for vertical integration.

2008: Becoming the First-ever 100% Vertically-Integrated Lamb and Veal Company

Mountain States Lamb Cooperative purchases the remaining 50% of B. Rosen and Sons Company and also joins forces with Formula One – a reputable veal industry veteran – to create the first and only producer-owned, vertically-integrated American lamb and veal company.

2016: A Leader Invests in the Future

Mountain States acquires the JBS Greeley lamb plant, a bold, high-stakes move—one very necessary step to ensure quality control from pasture to plate and support the growth and reach of American lamb and veal offerings at retail and in foodservice. This will help keep the U.S. lamb industry viable, ensuring that, as demand continues to rise, consumers can enjoy the highest integrity lamb and veal grown right here in America.

Mountain States Leadership: Seeking to Earn Your Trust Each Day


Mountain States chief operating officer Ernie Davis has spent his career advocating and promoting premium, niche meat products which meet consumer preference for fresh, highest quality, convenient, good-for-you proteins. His absolute commitment to customer service and consumer satisfaction is what drives new product development, business partnerships and marketing efforts. Ernie shares his personal enthusiasm for homegrown Mountain States lamb with his wife, children and neighbors, gaining new lamb lovers and busting the myth that it’s difficult to cook.

Frank Moore Headshot

Frank Moore is part of a 5th generation sheep ranching family and serves as chairman of the Mountain States Co-Op.   As one of the ranchers to first develop the Shepherd’s Pride “never-ever” program, pledging to never administer antibiotics, hormones or artificial ingredients, he is trusted by his peers and family to be a steward of the land, animals, people and end product.  Frank always says customers and partners ought to, “Define us by our actions.”  Those ethical and sound business actions are what differentiate Mountain States.