Mountain States: A Better Choice

Giving Discriminating Consumers a Better Choice

We hope you will define us by our actions and count on us to give our very best.

Frank Moore
Mountain States Chairman, 5th Generation Rancher

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Mountain States is a co-op owned by more than 150 third-, fourth- and fifth-generation ranching families across the United States.

As a producer-owned, family company, our strong family values, such as integrity, respect and hard work align with our practices. Our emphasis on Food Safety and Transparency is second to none because we don’t forget that our families are feeding your families.

As U.S. sheep ranchers joining together and investing vertically across the supply chain, we are uniquely able to rigorously control quality from pasture to plate, year-round, even in turbulent times.

We are careful stewards of our animals and the land. Taking great care of our animals is not only the right thing to do, it results in great tasting, safe and ethical products.

We are committed to producing a clean, complete protein that is wholesome and nutritious and raised the way nature intended.

Why Buy U.S.?

Why Buy U.S.?