Leg of Lamb

The leg is among one of the leanest cuts of lamb and can be fabricated in a variety of different ways to fit your specific needs. If you can’t find one of the options listed in your meat case, simply ask your butcher and they will trim it to your liking.

Bone-in or Semi-boneless

  • Ideal for a special occasion or holiday celebration.
  • It’s a bit more challenging to carve, but offers a dramatic presentation and has added richness, flavor and moisture.
  • For carving instructions, click here.


  • A boneless leg of lamb is very versatile.
  • Roast whole or cut it into bite-sized pieces which make the perfect shish kababs for the grill.


  • Butterflied leg of lamb is simply a leg with the bones removed and then cut flat to promote quick and more even cooking.
  • It can be easily grilled or stuffed, rolled, tied and roasted. Or, cut into thin strips for lamb fajitas, wraps or sandwiches.

Top Round

  • This cut offers full flavor and is very tender.
  • Perfect for either grilling or pan-roasting whole, thinly sliced top round tastes as great as it looks.
  • This is also a wonderful cut for cutting up into kebab-sized pieces for the grill.

Other Lamb Cuts