The Swanson Family

For over 40 years, raising healthy and happy sheep has been the Swanson family’s pride and passion, as well as their only way of life. Their sheep and lambs are raised on the early fall alfalfa pastures in the fertile San Joaquin Valley then brought to graze the fresh, early, spring pasture grasses of the coastal East Bay hills and summer pastures of the California Central Valley. They personally oversee and participate daily in coordinating sheep with natural seasonal grazing to benefit both sheep and good stewardship practices that continue to enhance the goodness of the land year after year.

Sheep are raised in the fresh air, drinking cool water and foraging on wild grasses and flora in the open range. The Swanson’s thank you for allowing them to continue their tradition of California agriculture and raising California lamb for you.

Our ranchers are the heart and soul of our company.

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