Our Values

Food Safety & Transparency

  • Third-party audits
  • Safe and Fresh guarantee
  • Quality Control from feed to processing to delivery
  • 1st and only lamb and veal company to receive highest SQF Level 3 safety and quality certification
  • The only lamb company to offer a source-verified program through Where Food Comes From®, bringing traceability and transparency to the meat case
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Animal Care

  • Dedicated to keeping animals healthy, safe and stress-free
  • Rigorous raising protocols
  • Multiple layers of accountability through 3rd-party animal welfare and general manufacturing procedure audits
  • Adherence to American Meat Institute’s Animal Handling Guidelines
  • Enforce vendor requirement for animal care-in-production practices: all suppliers must comply

Environmental Sustainability

  • SUSTAINABLE LAND: Commitment to leaving the land in better shape than when it was received – Sheep grazing helps prevent fires, control invasive weeds, promote tree growth, decrease soil erosion, and enhance wildlife habitats and biodiversity
  • WASTE REDUCTION: Commitment to environmentally-friendly packaging and decreased packaging waste. Recycling cardboard has been part of our program for many years; additional recycling and paper reduction is a top priority
  • FUEL EFFICIENCY: Continuously improving freight and distribution to reduce costs and environmental impact
  • WATER CONSERVATION: Developing an improved water conservation program
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Economic Viability

  • Seek to maintain highest business ethics and leadership standing
  • Contributing to a thriving agricultural system
  • Bringing jobs and economic opportunity across the US supply chain
  • Reliable producer-owners and geographic diversity ensure consistent year-round supply

Commitment to our Producers & Employees

  • Mountain States is a “family” comprised of families
  • Committed to employee education and training
  • Create pride in employees through incentive programs, rewards for length of employment
  • Employing technology to meet ever-changing demands of the industry
  • Working with industry at-large to grow US flocks and build consumer demand
  • Enabling a quality way-of-life for producers for generations to come
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Volunteer in our Communities

  • Volunteer in our communities
  • Support community youth programs like 4H and Future Farmers of America (FFA)
  • Foster future agricultural leaders through collegiate livestock and meat judging teams
  • Support culinary events and up-and-coming chefs
  • Work with global agricultural leaders to produce healthy proteins to feed a growing world population
  • Donate product to local and state food banks
  • Employment program for hiring US military veterans