English-Cut Lamb Chops

English-Cut Lamb Chops

Ingredients for Lamb Chops

English-cut Cedar Springs or Shepherd’s Pride lamb chops
anchovy rub
red & yelow baby carrots
baby fennel
veal jus

Ingredients for Anchovy Rub

1 bu Rosemary, picked
1 bu Parsley, stems & leaves
25 Garlic cloves
20 Anchovies
Blended canola oil as needed


  1. Puree ingredients in Robot Coup until well combined. Mixture will be chunky but should not have very large pieces.
  2. Rub onto lamb chops. Allow chops to marinate overnight, refrigerated in an airtight container.
  3. Pan sear cut lamb chops to desired doneness. In a separate saute pan, re-heat blanched baby carrots and fennel in chicken stock and butter. Center the lamb chop on a round plate. Arrange the vegetables over and around the chop. Drizzle with veal jus. Garnish with carrot tops.
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