Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Today’s consumer is acutely aware of food safety and traceability and will seek products from companies they trust. At Mountain States, confidence comes from knowing you are serving the safest, highest quality lamb and veal from genetically top-grade animals raised according to the highest standards and a production process that has undergone the scrutiny of third-party audits and certification programs.

Mountain States Rosen maintains a high level of food safety and has an SQF certification at the NY facility and a BRC certification at the CO facility.

Annual animal welfare and general manufacturing procedures audits are conducted annually.

Our Shepherd’s Pride brand is source verified lamb through Where Food Comes From®, a USDA Process Verified Source Verification program

USDA Grade labeled – Lamb & Veal

Case ready Halal

Shepherd’s Pride American Lamb was an idea that sprung from our ranchers themselves.

You Deserve to Know Where Your Food Comes From.