Cedar Springs and Shepherd’s Pride American Lamb top
Australian, New Zealand:

If you buy lamb from Australia or New Zealand, it’s time to ask yourself, why am I buying lamb that’s been shipped 10,000 miles?

Diane Boyd
Food & Nutrition Blogger


It’s 10,000 miles fresher. Harvested fresh from the fields. Enjoyed at its freshest.

Homegrown lamb fulfills our country’s resolve to ‘buy local.’

Our American lamb has a distinctive, often-preferred flavor, due to natural, mountainside roaming and grazing, superior genetics and exceptional diet and care.

Our American raised lamb has appreciably better yield. There is more juicy meat on the bone compared to imports.

Proof is in the transparency. Consumers gain yet another level of trust in our products and production systems when we open operations to global, third-party auditors, such as Where Food Comes From® and the Safe Quality Food Institute, who independently scrutinize and validate our quality, safety and authenticity.

Finally, homegrown lamb provides countless economic and ecological benefits to the U.S. Without your support of American lamb, the industry could collapse, greatly reducing employment opportunities and forcing us to rely solely on faraway countries to meet growing U.S. demand of this inimitable, clean protein.