Why Lamb & Veal

Lamb and veal meet the adventurous appetites, nutritional needs and social responsibility expectations of diverse and growing U.S. populations.

Health and wellness demands

  • No artificial or synthetic growth hormones are used in lamb production in the U.S.
  • Our U.S. lamb and veal are loved and preferred by hundreds of registered dietitians, food bloggers, cookbook authors, YouTube culinary personalities and foodie influencers.
  • Lamb is a complete protein, with ALL cuts, except ground, being classified by the USDA as Extra Lean or Lean.
  • It has 5x more omega 3 fatty acids than beef – very appealing to the Boomer set!
  • On average, a 3-ounce cooked portion of lamb provides nearly half the daily value of protein and greater than 20% of the daily value of zinc, vitamin B-12 and niacin in about 175 calories making lamb a nutrient-dense food.
  • Veal is a nutrient powerhouse as well, and on average is an excellent source of protein, B12 and zinc.

Appetite for adventurous, “clean” foods

  • Millennials seek more natural, less processed foods.  They have experimental palates and want to indulge.
  • Ground lamb is increasingly popular as lamb burgers hit mainstream menus.
  • Lamb is the fastest growing protein in foodservice, in a variety of restaurant segments and across menu parts (from appetizers to breakfast). Top-menued proteins have shown steady declines in recent years, while lamb entrée penetration has grown 13% in the past 4 years among U.S. restaurants  [Datassential MenuTrends]
  • Lamb is popular across many ethnic cuisines, prevalent in Middle Eastern, Indian, Mediterranean and even Mexican cuisines.
  • Given current ethnic population growth rates in the U.S., lamb demand should  grow exponentially over the next few decades.
  • There’s growing preference for less expensive lamb leg and shoulder cuts.

Desire for transparency and sustainability

  • In contrast to other proteins, our lambs spend the vast majority of their time roaming and grazing on fresh grasses, grain-finished for smooth texture and taste.
  • Shepherd’s Pride antibiotic-free, no added hormones or artificial ingredient lamb is the only Where Food Comes From Source-Verified ® lamb
  • Born & raised in the USA – our lamb and veal comes from a family of  multigenerational growers who are dedicated to their land, their animals and their trade.
  • Mountain States maintains control of products from feed to processing to delivery – vertical integration ensures “best in class” products for our customers and traceability throughout the system.

Attracts high-spending customers

  • Year-over-year, Lamb & Veal bring in the customer that purchases more when they are in the store.


  • To capitalize on the growing demand for U.S.-raised lamb, especially among high-growth populations, such as Millennials and Ethnic groups!
  • To sell more lamb, we need to educate shoppers on how to use cuts, where their food comes from, and its intrinsic good-for-you nature.

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