Happy Spring!

The Next BIG Thing

American Lamb Barbacoa Tacos as featured in Muy Bueno Cookbook


Rising from the earth like a flower–aromatic, tender as a mother’s kiss–this is the barbacoa tradition! In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo celebrations, we share easy-to-prepare, perfectly-seasoned, fork-tender “Barbacoa de Borrego.” Instead of burying the meat in a customary cooking pit underground, there’s an easier method of slow-cooking. These luscious lamb recipes from award-winning Latina bloggers will transform meal time into a memory-making Spring fiesta. Click here to get the recipes!

Veal: A meal that screams “Indulgent” but reads “Skinny”


Treat mom like royalty this Mother’s Day with tender, succulent, humanely raised veal. She can score a real treat while still setting her sights on swimsuit season and fitting into last year’s spring wardrobe. Veal is chock-full of vitamins and nutrients and is a lean source of protein. A 3-ounce serving has just 166 calories, which is less than 10% of the total fat intake recommended by the USDA for a 2000 calorie diet. Click here for our featured recipe.

Gorgeous Pan-Seared Rosemary Lamb Chops

You Asked for Transparency. We Deliver!

We are proud to have joined the “Where Food Comes From” program!

Mountain States is rolling out a Shepherd’s Pride Lamb source-verified program in select retail stores. When you see the “Where Food Comes From” badge on package, just scan the QR code on label with any smart phone to instantly read all about the family ranch responsible for the T.L.C. that went into the meat you’re about to eat. Click here to learn more.