“Lemony Lamb Loin Chops” from The Fit Fork

Just because cool days are coming doesn’t mean grilling days are over.  For some, grilling is a year-round passion and, of course, fresh, bright and bold flavors never go out of season!

Determined to showcase her “modern, fit foodie spin” on Mountain States’ Shepherd’s Pride natural lamb loin chops, Jennifer Fisher, award-winning recipe creator, food & fitness blogger and healthy cooking coach, created Lemony American Lamb Loin Chops with a drizzle of a tangy, flavorful gremolata sauce.

“The loin chops couldn’t have been any easier to prepare with a simple marinade, less than 10 minutes on the grill, and an easy no-cook sauce.  When meal-making is a no-brainer, there is more precious time to spend with family and friends,” says Jennifer.

The author of TheFitFork.com championed lamb for protein-lovers, encouraging it as part of their weekly menu rotations: “….a 2-1/2 ounce serving contains approximately 25g protein, the optimal amount for your body to process at any one ‘eating experience’ to provide sustained energy, muscle management, healthy aging and more!”

Try serving up Shepherd’s Pride or Cedar Springs lamb with Jennifer’s Lemony Lamb Loin Chops recipe.  It will excite your palate and brighten your day.