ReVEALing Excellence

Lean & Nutritious. Crazy Delicious.

What Makes Cedar Springs Veal so Special?

When raised right — humanely on a nutritious, wholesome diet — right here in the U.S. on family-owned ranches, veal is more than luxurious. It’s simply unbeatable.


  • Moist, tender and delicate—“melts in your mouth.”
  • Complements luxurious sauces.
  • Veal has been a favorite among French, Italian and cosmopolitan chefs.
  • For centuries, cultures across the globe have considered veal a delicacy.


  • Veal is lean, packed with nutrients, and can fit into a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing deliciousness.
  • A 3 oz. portion of veal, on average, is less than 400 calories.
  • For nutrition information specific to your cut, please visit this page.


  • With so many cuts, veal can be cooked any number of ways, including roasted, grilled, broiled, pan­fried, stir­fried, slow cooked, and more.


  • Mountain States veal growers have come together to establish protocols which focus on animal quality of life and well­-being.
  • Farmers take extremely good care of the animals—feeding them the most wholesome, nutritious diet; minimizing stress; providing health maintenance and safe housing. 100% loose housing by 2017.
  • Mountain States Rosen maintains a high level of food safety and has an SQF certification at the NY facility and a BRC certification at the CO facility.

The Cedar Springs Veal family farmers are dedicated to producing the highest quality product with the highest quality raising standards. I would absolutely recommend Cedar Springs Veal product over and over.

Theresa Greco of The Food Hunter’s Guide to Cuisine

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